If you want to know what works and what doesn’t at kid’s birthday parties, then speak to someone who has been to literally thousands of them: a busy birthday party magician! We’re here to share our insights with you to try and make your life easier.

Today we talk about the less ideal places to host your kids party in Singapore, and leave you with some ideas on better alternatives.

Misconception #1:
Having my kids party in the sun is good fun!

Here’s a few reasons why having a kids party outdoor isn’t that attractive after all:

• Stings and bites can be annoying, and even dangerous at times.
• Children can get “burnt” being in the sun for hours and especially when they forget to hydrate themselves
• If it rains you have a LOT of rearranging to do. (If that is even an option)

Having a sheltered area within the compound would help, but it can still be disastrous during heavy rain!

Try to have your kids party indoors to keep the little ones safe, and it’s much easier to manage so many of them with the constrain.

Misconception #2:
My house is perfect for a kids party!

Imagine having 30 children are invited to the party, all stuck in your living room.  Now add at least one parent for each child and let’s throw a few baby brothers and sisters in for good measure. Even if some parents do drop and go, before you know it you could have fifty plus people in your home

Our homes in Singapore are just not made for large scale entertaining. 30 energy filled children is certainly a large-scale event. Particularly with hosting Kids Party Games, children need a clutter free area to run around and have fun and our homes are a health and safety nightmare of cables, breakables and unseen hazards.

That said, understandably, function halls are not always available, and booking a commercial venue can be costly.

So if you had to host a party at home, we would recommend
1. Inviting not more than 20 children to the celebration
2. Keep buffet line outside of the house whenever possible
3. Shift your furniture around to have an empty area of about 2m x 4m area for the magic show segment

TOP 3 Best Kids Party Venues

No 1 – Function Rooms
Regardless of how small a condominium function room can be, it’s an empty room that’s safe and spacious for all the children activities to happen. Not forgetting that it would be well air conditioned to keep guests cool and comfy. It also keeps the children all within an area so that the adults can keep an eye on them.

No 2 – Indoor Playgrounds
Although you are likely to have to pay a lot more for an indoor playground compared to a function room facility, these are commercially designed spaces for kids. Almost every indoor playground will have a room for parents to be waiting and food to be served. It is also the perfect place for a magic show to take place and party games to be held! One of the best indoor playgrounds to go for without burning a hole in your wallet will be at Kids Amaze Safras. There are outlets island wide, so you will might just find one nearby your place. Be sure to make a booking months in advance to secure a slot!

No 3 – Restaurants
While this is usually the most costly option, restaurants that cater for private kids birthday parties can be the prettiest place to hold your child’s celebration. Adult guests would appreciate the good food , and it makes quite an impression on both family and friends. Here are a few recommendations from us for your reference!

Skyve Wine Bistro –
Eat Play Love Cafe –
With a Pinch of Salt –

We hope this helped! To find out more about our party services and to get some catered advice, visit our website at

Hear from you soon!

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