#1 Understanding the value of hiring a kids magician

Many parents are often willing to spend the money on un-appreciated food and decorations. The birthday cake alone can easily cost more than $500, and a buffet table set up goes past $1000. Likewise dessert tables, balloon decorations, customized banners can just as much.

That said, none of those would make your event as special and memorable compared to having a professional entertainer at your event.

Having a professional kids magician helps to keep the order at your party and keeps the little guests thoroughly entertained so that You actually get to enjoy the party just as much.

As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” and nothing does it better than having a magic show to keep it special for your celebration.

#2 Decide on the venue

Book a function room early, or seek out one over the net. Having it at home is also an option, but you may have to shift around a furniture or two.

Kid Party Venue

#3 Get a Quote, and book your kids magician

There are many good professionals available. Face painters, balloon twisters, super heroes mascots, jugglers, and so much more. Your best option, in our opinion, is a birthday party kids magician. (Full disclosure, that’s us).

Why? Because Magicians are in the ‘control’ business. A good magic show is one that capture the attention of both the children and adults. One that makes everyone sit at the edge of their seat, hoping for more. Understanding people, and making a party special is at the heart of a kids magician’s show.

You should capitalise on that and have them come in and take over your party, in a fun enjoyable way, then let them steer your party towards a successful conclusion.


Kids love magic shows. Always have, always will. It’s interactive entertainment that
keeps kids glued to the spot. The birthday child is made the “star” of the show so
they feel special on their special day. Good kids magicians keep the adults
entertained as well as the kids. The host parents are freed up to attend to details, as everyone is entertained.

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